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About Us

Fifteen years ago, our journey started with the tobacco industry serving five continents. Today, we understand the needs of the consumer and, with our expertise, we can offer the highest service to win the trust and loyalty of customers.

Through our consistent quality services and goods, best raw materials and digging deep into customer loyalty and delight, we have established our reputation. Our revolutionary handmade blends smell, and amazing flavors guide you back to us. Smoke it fresh, every time, the way it is meant to be.

Al Fakhamah Tobacco company was born and raised in Ajman, United Arab Emirates in 2011, with the intention of continuing to support shisha lovers and building its global community end to end.

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Al Fakhama company was founded in 2011 in the United Arab Emirates and began its journey in the emirate of Ajman with an average plant and a production capacity of 1000 tons per year in simple flavors, Al Fakhama company focused on being launched from the United Arab Emirates due to its important role in the Middle East and its international position in international trade.Al Fakhama company has also worked to implement international quality standards in production to employ productive capacity and choice of geographical locations to spread throughout the world, production was developed after increase in demand from hookah lovers which put al fakhamah company directly towards global presence with three facilities for now in the United Arab Emirates to meet the growing demand around the world.


We aspire to enhance your shisha tastes and experience on an ongoing basis. Our expansion was the result of upholding our values to provide our clients with the highest quality products, which helped us develop and paved the way for the implementation of our success strategies. Able to gladly state that we exist in 50+ countries with more than 200 exotic flavors, with more than 7000 tons of finest tobacco production per year.

Our main motive is to improve manufacturing techniques to meet these production figures, we are presently using full automated production lines with a production capacity of 700 tons per month with a construction scale of 15000 sq (50G,250G,1KG) and with the same determination, we plan to achieve a production volume of 1500 tons per month with the appropriate expansion of production lines and exploited areas in order to cover new markets around the world in order to meet the increasing demand for our goods.

We guarantee you to develop increasingly and offer our shisha flavors around the world and to impact modern markets and countries for all our Hookah lovers.


Our key element of success is the partnership we create with our agents and distributors that is infinite and beyond the contractual nature of the relationship, in which we regard our agents and distributors as our partners and Al Fakhamh company representatives around the world, transmitting our message to customers and expressing their desire through feedback.

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We believe that the satisfaction of our customers is our goal and the source of our success. That is why we are constantly developing our fresh unique flavors and quality to provide maximum enjoyment and satisfaction to our community and building new channels with potential agents and distributors to ensure you can find our products anywhere in the world.

Our main element of success is the relationships we build with our agents and distributors that we consider as our partners and representatives, which are boundless and goes beyond the contractual nature of the relationship, sharing our message with consumers and sharing their desires through feedback.





our mission is to cover new countries and explore the potential for more new flavors and blends that satisfy our customers.



our vision, developing our production strategies and distribution to keep our customers satisfied and bring them new experiences with hookah flavors through our trust base and cooperation with our agents and distributors worldwide.

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